Hello to those of you that actually take time to read this!! Here are five things about me incase you are bit curious…

1.I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. I still live in San Juan and I would never move to another town. I would how ever have a beach house in Rincon. I have a never ending passion for traveling. I LOVE IT. I have traveled to over 30 something countries and still counting…One of my dreams is to travel the entire world…someday…

2.I love enjoying the little things in life. I sometimes laugh just because other people are laughing. I like seeing the beauty in the little things of life or the things you wouldn’t normally find beautiful…

3.I’ve always had a love for fashion from the wackiest one to the simplest one

4.I NEED to try everything at least ONCE and every time I get an idea I GO for it

5.I used to think I was hella strange….then I went to art school….

About Images:

-Some images are taken by me and some are not. I never take credit for the images that are not mine and I usually post a link to the original location…usually when I remember to :p.

-Smileys on post are from sayclub, or Bibi1004 and they are copyrighted by them. 🙂

2 Responses to About

  1. Yahdiel says:

    honey i luv it!!! you are not hella strange why would u even think that!! 🙂

  2. Mónica says:

    I’m so presenta that I had the see the “about”. No your still pretty hella strange THAT’S why your in art school =P.

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