As  a final requirement for graduating from the Fashion Department in my University we had to organize, produce and design a fashion show. This year under the coaching of various important fashion designers from the island we had the opportunity to present our graduate collection on Puerto Rico High Fashion Week. The most prestigious fashion event on the island. My collection was inspired on the Napoleonic Empire.

Como requisito final para graduación del Departamento de Modas en mi Universidad, tuvimos que organizar, producir y diseñar un desfile de modas.  Este año , bajo la tutela de varios diseñadores importantes de la isla tuvimos la oportunidad de participar en Puerto Rico High Fashion Week. El evento de modas mas prestigioso de la Isla. Mi colección fue inspirada en el Imperio Napoleonico.




About jesuisblonde

I'm a 28 year old fashion designer who loves the ocean and London!
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  1. Laly says:

    One of the best of the entire event! Innovative, different and very haute couture. You are going so many places, and I’ll be glad to contribute in any way I can. Keep on doing the amazing work you do, and I say go for it, en relación a cortarte el cabello. A new look for this amazing, successful step in your career!

  2. Sheyla says:

    Congrats on the collection! Hay unas piezas hermosas en la colección y que no se ve mucho en los diseñadores puertorriqueños. Keep up the good work!

  3. ifigenia says:

    Congrats on your collection, everything looks fantastic!

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