If the past few months have showed us something it’s that fashion and royalty go hand in hand, and this month’s Vogue Paris confirms it. Princess Charlotte Casiraghi, daughter of the beautiful Princes Caroline of Monaco and fourth in line to the throne of Monaco, graces the cover of their September Issue. While the media focuses on Kate Middleton’s style (or lack thereof), I wondered when it would shift to Charlotte, who in my opinion has the better style. She is not only a princess but an elite equestrian and a fashion journalist who, with two friends, created Ever Manifesto an environmentally conscious fashion magazine.

Charlotte, who has a fresh, simple and charming image was photographed by Mario Testino under the direction of Emmanuelle Alt, Vogue Paris’s new Editor in Chief and was given a 23 page spread.

Scans are courtesy of TFS.


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I'm a 28 year old fashion designer who loves the ocean and London!
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  1. The Editor says:

    She sounds like a great girl, I’ve never gotten a taste of her style, but the clothing in the spread were exceptional. The dapper suit is a great look on her.

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