After being seen on the runways for quite some time now, Fendi, Chloe, Givenchy, (and the gods) Dolce and Gabbana, It seems that sheer skirts had finally started to caught on and it’s not longer a trend for models but a trend that will continue through the entire fall and perhaps the spring and summer.

The transparency of the sheer skirts give a boudoir feel as it shows the right amount of skin without showing too much. They can be worn with body suits or highwaisted undergarments and if done right, it can be worn by anyone.

Here is the trend being done by Anja Rubik


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  1. Sisi says:

    I happen to have a sheer navy/polka dot dress, since im not going to go around Los Angeles in my britches I use American apparel nude colored leggins and a nude or white modal cami 🙂

    • jesuisblonde says:

      cute! I’m dying to try this trend (but with leggings since I dont have the guts to go show my underwear :p)

  2. I don’t think this can be pulled off by everyone, but if done right, it is a beautiful trend! I have a sheer shirt I rarely wear because I would like to wear it with a beaded black bra (with sequins and all the stops!) and I haven’t found one.

    As for the skirts, I know that Topshop sold some sequined panties/hotpants that would look amazing with this. Again, if you don’t have great legs/body, better off using nude or black leggings. It’s about modification and adaptation.

    • jesuisblonde says:

      Forever 21 I think has had a few black sequin bras, go browse their website, I’m sure you will find something 🙂

      Exactly I agree with the right modification it can be done, I’m dying to make one just like Anja’s with the lace on the bottom.

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