The NARS Night Breed eyeshadow (0.07 oz for $23) is a black eyeshadow with silver glitter. It’s part of the Night eyeshadow singles collection. Night Breed is an amazing shade and as far as black eyeshadows with glitter go this is my favorite and it has also become one of my favorite eyeshadows to use for a night smoky eye, the glitter gives it just a little something extra.

This eyeshadow is extremely pigmented and strong but it’s also easy to blend which is a thing I love because I don’t know about you guys but I usually buy black eyeshadow in hopes of it being carbon black but I always end up being a bit disappointed, they are always either too light or don’t blend well.  With the NARS Night Breed I don’t really have these problems. I don’t even need to use a primer with this eyedshaow but I do recommend it if you want the sparkles to stand out. It also lasts a lot, it all around is a good and luxurious eyeshadow to have.


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I'm a 28 year old fashion designer who loves the ocean and London!
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