The Benefit Bella Bamba bush (0.28oz for $28.00) promises to be a 3D brightening face powder in pink that will amplify cheekbones. The color is a watermelon pink and, maybe I’m crazy, but it has a nice smell to it. The formula has a bit of glitter on it so if you are a big fan of the NARS super orgasm you will love this one too.  It comes in a box like all the other Benefit blushes but unlike the others this one comes with a magnet on the lid making it stay in place all the time.

The packaging itself is also adorable and the brush is pastel purple, which I also love. I never thought I would ever let go of my Coralista but this one is surely one of my favorites now. I love how it’s so pigmented and it makes my face sparkle.


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I'm a 28 year old fashion designer who loves the ocean and London!
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  1. Laly says:

    Oh my, Rusch. You’re skin looks amazing! The blush looks lovely on you, too, but that skin!

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