The Too Faced Glamour to go II palette is the second edition of the pocket palette series introduced by the brand. It comes with eight shimmery eye shadows, four lip glosses and one blush. It can be purchased at Sephora and other Too Faced retailers for $19.50.

I love this palette, It fits nicely in my bag, and it’s the size of a credit card so it’s easy to take anywhere.

The package is quite cute too, it has a vintage feeling to it. It comes with a lifting mirror which leads to the eyeshadows and a pocket drawer that contains the lipgloss and blush.

The shadows are not as pigmented as I hoped they would be but they still provide a nice color perfect for last minute makeup or a quick touchup.


On the other hand the glosses are quite lovely and give perfect shades for both summer and winter. You get one neutral tone and three pink ones. I suggest using a lip brush because due to the nature of the palette it can get a bit messy. The blush is a nice coral tone, I’m really in love with this. I suggest having a pocket brush set for this, it prevents unwanted messes.



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  1. …Laura Geller Baby Cakes Blush Palette is now on sale for just 39.70.

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