I went to shop at Coach for a single pair of flats…and well…lets just say I got a bit more than just a single thing! It REALLY does not help either that the entire Coach staff knows me and knows my taste.

Ok On to what I bought!

Coach Poppy case because I was tired of my usual iphone case and decided to get a bag this time ❤
SHOES SHOES SHOES, Coach footwear is very very comfortable. If you need shoes to be in all day and/or have problems with wide/big feet. I seriously recommend you Splurge on Coach footwear. It will last you a very long time and the comfort is seriously out of this world!

I really love shoes, so much in fact that on my new apartment, I decided to take the living room and turn it in to a closet ❤




About jesuisblonde

I'm a 28 year old fashion designer who loves the ocean and London!
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7 Responses to

  1. Laly says:

    amazing! deberías hacer un apartment tour!

  2. Anne Marie says:

    Wow! Tuvo que haberte salido todo eso en una fortuna, te esmandas :O

  3. This is of no problem when looking for shoes at Coach for here you will find such a great variety of products that you won t be able to decide which one to try first and which ones to buy..A good way to check for Coach Shoes is to get online and just type the keyword in your Google engine. When talking about Coach there is no need to mention that the quality of their shoes is almost unbeatable. Coach has everything you need in one place and because of the fact they always have promotions and special prices you will be getting your favorite shoes in high quality without having to pay a fortune for them.

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