Next on my NYX review are the jumbo eye pencils ($4.00 for 0.18oz) I got them in Yogurt, French Fries, Gold, Dark Brown and Iced Mocha. These are pretty easy to use, they are mainly used as an eyeshadow base although I recommend you use an eyeshadow primer since they will most likely crease on you because of they are so soft and creamy.  I would like to purchase more of these in the future since they come in a lot of colors and blend really well. They can also be used as eyeliner which I have done for the past few days and are perfect for quick five minute makeup. Wether you are on a budget or not they are great to have! I give them a 5/5 simply because they are so great!



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I'm a 28 year old fashion designer who loves the ocean and London!
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  1. Laly says:

    que bello el dorado!!! se debe ver adorable for christmas!

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