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There have been so many recent collaborations of high fashion design houses with mainstream stores and Valentino was not one to stay behind. It has been recently announced that the design house has teamed up with The Gap to release a collection this winter. Maria Grazua Chiui and Pier Paolo Piccioli, current creative directors, have designed a capsule collection of affordable women swear clothing.

“We are very pleased that Gap thought of us as a partner for this intimate project, as it brings together the iconic world of Valentino and Gap’s fashion essentials,” Chiuri and Piccioli said. “In this way, Valentino and Gap synthesize the current trend of combining luxury with basics.”

The launch of the collection will coincide with Alber Elbas’s Lanvin collection for H&M (Releasing it in a near date) and the opening of the new Gap flagship store in Milan which will also open in November. This collection will be available first here than the other Gap stores worldwide.

“We’re thrilled to be welcomed by the house of Valentino, with its unique position in Italy’s fashion heritage and to work with Maris Grazia and Pier Paolo, and their modern, fresh take on women’s style,” president of Gap in Europe, Stephen Sunnucks, said of the partnership.

Although people seem to be expecting the Lanvin collection with more excitement than this one, I on the other hand cannot wait to see this; I am very excited to see what the collection will look like.


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