I went to walgreens and got some new Bettina nail colors.  I have always been a fan of bettina because of their vast variety of colors and creamy, thick formula. Most of them don’t need a second application either and dry up pretty quickly which is a great thing if you are always on the go like me.

I got quite a few shades too! Keep reading for pictures and swatches….

There are from their Candy Collection, there are a few more shades to it but these are the ones I loved.

The first shade is green apple and it’s a lovely pastel apple green. I’m not a fan of bright green colors but this one was too cute to pass.

This is Cotton Candy, I am in love with this color. It is perfect for my every day things.

Next is marshmallow, my current new favorite color ❤

Sherbet is an orangey coral color perfect for the summer.

This is Art Deco a more toned down green shade.

Another coral color

Another for my pink collection

A orange-red tone

A darker red

A strawberry red color


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I'm a 28 year old fashion designer who loves the ocean and London!
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  1. killercute says:

    My mom love this brand, I don’t like it as much BUT I do love one in particular. The number is 45 but I don’t know the name of it :-/ it looks very similar to the cotton candy you have.

    My favorite nail polish brand would have to be Essie but they are quite expensive and just recently I found out about Sally Hansen Inta-Dri and I don’t use any other brand. These only need one application, they have many colors and they dry in 10 seconds, I didn’t believe this until I bought one out of curiosity, you should try them!!

  2. Aliik says:

    omg marshmallow looks so cute! (should had bought it, haha!) and i love how cotton candy applies on your nails! (lucky youuuu!) it took a while for me for it to look ok… i guess i got a rotten egg, but grape has a good formula at least.

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