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MAC Cosmetics is teaming up with Disney to create a limited edition color collection, intended to launch globally in late September in all MAC locations. The products will feature four Disney characters, on which the brand is keeping mum at the moment — although with a collection name of Venomous Villains, it is assumed that we’re not talking Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse here. Lipstick, powder, lip gloss and blush shades will be sold, ranging in price from $12 to $29.50.

MAC Cosmetics finally revealed who their villains were for their upcoming collaboration with Disney and although I am very excited with this one I can’t help to think where are Jafar and Ursula? Nevertheless…this will be my favorite collection since Barbie and Hello Kitty came out!  The villains are Cruella de Vil (from 101 Dalmatians), The Evil Queen from (Snow White), Dr. Facilier (from The Frog Prince) and my personal favorite Maleficent (from The Sleeping Beauty). The collection consists of 35+ products and will be available at all MAC stores in September. They also made a teaser video that can be found here.

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As far as the collection goes I think I will buy from Maleficent not because she is my favorite Villain but because the color scheme lies in what I tend to use more ❤

Image credits: Temptalia


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  1. Aliik says:

    those are amazing. i remember the hk collection! i bought a few things when t came out.

    i’m drooling over that gorgeous red Cruella lipstick! must have it in my life.

  2. Laly says:

    damn right im going!!! Pero no tengo npi de donde conseguir las taquillas, ya que no encuentro una página de ticket pop online. And you’re right, el jueves, cuando está lisa cappalli, es cmo que el mejor día para ir. Diana Vazquez has some pretty interesting things, los otros ni los conozco, to be honest.

    • jesuisblonde says:

      Si!! El fashion week de aqui es como que siempre TAN disappointing!! Pero pues…Esos no los conosco pero me gusta mucho Nicole de Jesus y Jaer Caban y Reinaldo Pero creo que solo voy a Lisa y a Ecliptica y Luis Antonio los demas no se como que blah :p Tienes que ir a la oficina de ticketpop a comprarlos!!

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