For this edition of beauty on a budget I’m doing a review on eyes lips face or e.l.f as it is better known.  I first learned about them last year from my best friend, a stylist, who told me she was curious about them. We went to check them out and got a blush and were surprised with the quality it and the price it had. ($1.00!)

This year, I rediscovered them because of my cousin Emily who had given me great reviews of the brushes and so, I decided to head over to their site and purchase a few things.

This is all I got, Keep reading to see swatches and details!

The fact that I only spent $15.00 on all of this is the best part! Ok, On to the details.

e.l.f studio kabuki brush I’m not kidding when I say this is the softest brush I own. I think I played with it for a few goo minutes because of its softness.  Another good thing about this brush is that the hairs wont fall out like many drugstore brand brushes do.

e.l.f studio brushes and regular brushes. Out of the two types of brushes e.l.f offers I personally prefer the studio line because of it’s softness, the regular brushes are soft but not as softer as the studio ones. Wether you want a soft brush or not is a personal choice and it also depends on what you are going to do with it. I personally like my face brushes to be very soft. You can look at the brushes here

e.l.f shimmering facial whip in golden peach, citrus and pink lemonade. This is really perfect for doing 5 minute makeup or achieving that healthy glow we all love. I wore them today and 6 hours later it was still intact in my face. I will do a look with them soon so you can get a better view of them.


e.l.f studio golden bronzer this was actually a gift from the company! I’m glad I got this, I’ve been thinking of finding a bronzer so I can let my Les Tissages de Chanel bronzer a rest (it is limited edition so I want it to last :p) and I think that this just might be it. Again, It gives the skin a healthy glow and not that orange looking tan a lot of drugstore bronzers do.

e.l.f super glossy shine lipgloss in juiced berry.  Another gift from the company, I forgot to take a picture of it but it is very similar to the package of a juicy tube. It didn’t last that long but I tend to have to reapply glosses over and over so it wasn’t a problem for me.

My third gift from the company was this make up bag and these are never unwanted 🙂

Eyes lips face is a good brand to try if you are looking for beauty on a budget, I think you can get them on kmart or through their website (, Shipping: It took longer than most packages take to get here, I think It took about 2 weeks or more which was honestly the only thing I didn’t like. I give them a 4/5 because of that.


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  1. La Petite Monstre says:

    I’m gonna try finding them in Kmart! I have a few glosses of this brand but no lip makeup ever sticks to me )=

  2. Kelly says:

    Great review, is elf only sold online?! I like to test makeups before hand.

    Found you via the link exchange group at ifb, following you via bloglovin! Follow back if you like! 🙂


    • jesuisblonde says:

      I bought them online but I also purchased something from them a year ago from kmart. I don’t know where else they are sold. But I would recommend you got them online since there is more variety 🙂

      btw: I love the name of your blog :p I would love to follow you back 😀

  3. Melly says:

    I believe ELF products are also sold in Target stores (: I read about it somewhere short while ago. But, as I’m not US myself, I can’t guarantee this.

    • jesuisblonde says:

      Same here, I don’t live in the US but I can do a search and post where it is sold internationally 🙂

  4. ladymacbeth86 says:

    I discovered e.l.f. through a classmate, and I have to tell you, it’s the best quality you can find for the price. It’s just as good as the more expensive brands, and since they’re quite concentrated they last considerably. Packets are small, but as I said, you only need to use a small amount. My favorites are the Tinted Moisturiser with SPF 15 (excellent!), the Facial Whip (which lasts all day long), and the Clear Mascara (it helps shape the eyebrows neatly).

    • jesuisblonde says:

      Yeah! I am in love with the facial whip!! I use it for my sculpture class and it doesn’t fade away 🙂

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