Nobody does prints like Miuccia Prada…

Prada has launched a new print collection featuring a single style of dress-a 1950’s inspired summer dress with a gathered skirt-in a great variety of prints and fabrics ranging from cotton to silks and from florals to stripes. Also in the collection Miuccia has included ballerina flats with a contrasting bow and a chained purse also in various prints.

If you think the dresses are amazing the princes will have you running to your nearest Prada store. Every piece in the collection will retail below $750 depending on the fabric and print. Dresses will sell for $640-$720, Shoes will sell for $355 and the prices for the bags have yet to be confirmed.

Every piece in this collection is amazing on its own, they are so easy to mix-match and dress up or  down. The pieces are focused on a selection of prints from the Prada archive.  The collection will go on sale on mid-May so get your local Prada on speed dial!

Everything is so delicate yet funky looking, I can’t get enough of it… 🙂


About jesuisblonde

I'm a 28 year old fashion designer who loves the ocean and London!
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2 Responses to Nobody does prints like Miuccia Prada…

  1. makeitupgirl says:

    adoro las bailarinas!

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